Guest Lecturer Training Program in Coimbatore

Over the past decade, India has seen an unprecedented growth of educational institutions (both public and private) which ultimately resulted in shortage and teacher burnout in the country. And this shortage of well trained teachers/lecturer/ guest lecturer impacted on the quality of education. Providing unrivalled training and certification for teachers and guest lecturers can actually increase the chances of enhancing the academic and intellectual environment.

Kambaa academy is a private institute providing a range of guest lecturer / faculty training in Coimbatore. Our long term and short term diploma courses for guest lecturers focus mainly on providing insights into the modern teaching practice and also to strengthen the participant’s teaching competencies. The faculty/guest lecturer training curriculum not only includes digital literacy and modern ways to communicate with students, but also personality development, behavioural study of student population, student psychology, time and attention management etc.

The aim of our guest lecturer training program is to create well-trained teachers/guest lecturers who can be instrumental in the academic, personal and intellectual growth of students.

A well planned guidance is becoming imperative for the aspiring teachers / guest lecturers to,

  • Prevent failures due to the new challenges they face daily
  • Understand the benchmarks of student achievement
  • Practice in a controlled environment
  • Stop experimenting on learning.
S.No Programs
1 Advanced Teaching Skills & Techniques
2 Classroom Management
3 Communication and Presentation skills
4 Creative thinking & Emotional Intelligence
5 Stress Management
6 Digital Literacy