Etiquette Development Training Programs in Coimbatore

Your manners and etiquette are not just code of polite conduct, they are an attitude; a reflection of – yourself, your self-confidence, your inherent potential to be interactive and build successful relationships with fellow beings.

Refine the life and social skills with Kambaa Academy, a leading Etiquette and Professional Development training centre in Coimbatore. Our academy provides customized and personalised courses and workshops for kids, students, professionals and corporate businesses. These workshops, which are available in different packages, are designed to reveal hidden potentials in them to achieve true success.

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Who are these Classes for?

Our etiquette guidance training is ideal for anyone looking to advance in their lives and careers.

Business Etiquette Guidance Catalogue – For Professionals

Dress for success

First impressions are formed in 7 seconds – 38% how you say things, 7% what you say, 55% how you look!

Topics include:

What do your clothes say about you? – how should your clothes fit – what is acceptable business attire – the importance of quality – how the right clothing colours enhance your appearance – essential accessories – how to dress for various social situations – body type do’s and don’ts – wardrobe mistakes – how to look polished and well groomed

Business Dining Etiquette

Topics include:

How to extend an invitation – duties of a host and guest – who sits where – napkin etiquette – navigating the place setting – silverware savvy – wine etiquette and protocol – toasting – proper way to eat soup and salad – breaking bread – dealing with unwanted food objects – dinner conversation – when to talk business – how to eat difficult foods – dealing with meal mishaps – silent waiter signals – paying the bill and tipping.

Polished & Professional

Topics include:

Handshakes, greetings and introductions – remembering names – making a powerful first impression – business card protocol – body language and non-verbal communications – how to make an entrance and work the room – effective meeting protocol – the art of small talk – master your mingling – appropriate attire and grooming.

Communication and Networking

Topics include:

Telephone and email etiquette – voice, tone and sincerity, active listening to satisfy even the more challenging phone caller – how to start a conversation and keep it going – business card exchange – how to politely excuse yourself from a rambler – after the event follow-up.

Etiquette Guidance Catalogue – For kids and students

Topics For Ages 5- 12:

good manners – courtesy and act of kindness – table manners – helping others – patience is polite – art of appreciating others – showing respect – good sportsmanship – friendly behaviours – everyday etiquette – words to use and lose – helping at home – positive attitude and body language.

Topics For Ages 13-17 :

Positive first impressions – Impeccable Introductions – Table manners – Conversation skills – Cell phone, email, and texting courtesy – Social network manners – Thank you notes – Good personal habits – Confidence and body language – Interview Skills and Tips.