Kambaa Academy develops our programs based on data-driven research and analysis and on best safety practices and procedures. Our Team experts provide practical, usable, real-world training solutions for our clients. Our Health, Safety and Environment management provides coordination and monitoring to ensure the health and safety of your employees and compliance with HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment ) construction requirements.

Our services for health, safety and environment management include:

  • 1. Recommendations for preventive measures
  • 2. Safety risk analysis
  • 3. Verification and development of health and safety plans
  • 4. Verification of access permits
  • 5. Access controls for designated areas
  • 6. Control of collective protection
  • 7. Control of personnel protection equipment (including helmets, gloves and shoes)
  • 8. Guidance/coordination concerning Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • 9. Safety training courses

Why Choose us?

Kambaa Academy is the only EHS ( Environment Health, Safety) certification provider that focuses entirely on the management process. By applying practical safety management principles to any field and every department, we help companies achieve total quality management no matter your industry. Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and beyond.