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Kambaa Academy is a leading provider of individual, team and organization-wide IT, Digital Marketing and Management/Sales/Marketing/Communication training to business and students worldwide.

Kambaa Academy was founded with a mission to help professionals and students stay at the top of their game all times. Kambaa Academy has developed and focused its vast variety of training courses and services on the wide-ranging needs of organizations around the globe.

Every attendee of Kambaa Academy’s program will benefit from proven strategies, unbiased practices and lessons learned in the real-world.


Kambaa Academy has a vital focus in buiding Industry – Academia relationship, enabling the students to transform from College to Corporate enviorment. Kambaa Academy understands the huge skill gap in the society and is working towards enablement programs for students leading to a better career for their future. Goal setting, understanding job vs. career, understanding professional dimensions and invidual dimensions are very critical for a student to decide a career. Kambaa Academy helps them decide faster, better and be smarter!


Kambaa Academy works towards supporting business and organizations enhancing the skills of the team leading towards growth and betterment. Kambaa Academy also goes beyond training with automation and Optimization Solutions. Founders of Kambaa Academy come with a vast industry experience and they do deep dive analysis of AS-IS situation of industry process and help optimize and bring up the business ladder. Kambaa Academy provides modern approach that accelerates the implementation of technical and business processes required to improve service delivery of the organization


Kambaa Academy’s unparalleled course curriculum covers the most up-to-the-second topics, provides proven practical exposure and delivers the information needed to be successful in today’s organizations.


Kambaa Academy’s expert team is skilled with vast domain experitse and consulting expertise of varied industry sector. Kambaa Academy provides custom services and solutions like:

This includes As-Is assessment to understand the current process in place and help organization to redefine the process to be in place that will enhance the growth of the Organization organically.

BRP Includes
  • As-Is assessments
  • Skill gaps analysis
  • Learning solutions for Employees
  • Process roadmap and implementation

In the fast and dymanic global changes in the market, Organizations are facing huge risk on a daily basis in mutliple areas right from process adherence, Employee retention, Data & Physical security, Environment Health and Safety, Political implications, Government rules and regulations. Kambaa Academy experts come with a structure approach towards identification of risk for an organization and help determine risk reduction and avoidance methodolgies.

Every organization needs a health checkup done on a timely basis. Organically grown organizations and organizations with mutiple diversifications do not have enough check points to validate if the organizations health is in Red, Amber or Green. Exerpts from Kambaa Academy helps the organizations realize the real health and its As-Is situation to work on strengths and focus on Areas of improvement

In today’s world every organization and every meeting that happens is in need of presentations. A Good presentations convey the message at a glimpse and don’t need much of an explanation. Kambaa Academy provides the best in class presentation services – all you need is to give the requirement to the team and they deliver the outstanding presentations that will wow your audience.

All of the Kambaa Academy courses are lead by Industry experts, hands on professionals who have been in the industry and who practice and not just teach.