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This session was very usefull for me. I have learn't many new things. Learn't how to controll my anger and how to work collaborately with my team. I wish to attend the other session also.


Very Good Session

Durga Devi

We got best trainers to train us and learn't a lot. Specially translating in tamil language attracted me.

Janarthanan P

Very usefull session will take away all the things learn't today and try to implement in my work place


I learn't about myself it was a good experience

Naga Dinesh

I liked all the activites we did today. Learn't a lot about team building will take this to my team and we will grow as a Team Thanks to Kambaa Academy.

Nilafar Nisha

Willing to attend Second Day session to gain more usefull experience


It was fantastic session will recommend all of my friends to attend this class and get benefited.


Very informative in a short period of time. Good faculty, was friendly enough and patient enough to answer any question.

prem pillai

Good place to learn. Got to know much more about Digital Marketing in the day's session !!

Sanjuna Rajagopalan

Good place to learn and get the indepth knowledge of sales and digital marketing,android courses. Keep going!!!