Sales Training Courses in Coimbatore

“Sales is the transference of feelings” –  Zig Ziglar

Every person has sales in their genes. Sometimes we sell an idea, a thought or even our skills and attitude to crack a job interview. Once ‘selling’ becomes a professional identity, improvising on the sales skills becomes inevitable. Starting from prospecting to the closure, there’s a lot goes into sales cycle and it’s success. In a competitive business environment, it is vital to undergo sales training courses to maximize the results.

As a leading sales training institute in Coimbatore, at Kambaa Academy, we believe mastering the art of sales is important in attaining individual and organizational growth as the aim of the sales force in any organization would be building credibility, clientele, and revenue. The expert instructors from the sales training wing of Kambaa Academy in Coimbatore is pledged in building the soft sales skills and reinforcing people with the knack of technical selling.

Sales Training Program – Objectives

The sales training courses of Kambaa Academy in Coimbatore are framed to transform a salesman to a passionate seller and a powerful influencer.

What Makes Us Stand In the Crowd?

We believe in creating everlasting influence and results, not another sales pitch or a sales workshop that is far off from practical implementation.

We offer  sales training courses for students, sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in Coimbatore.  We work with management and staffs on all levels and depending on individual needs and aptitudes, we conduct customized sales training program. On top of that, we promise fun, fast-paced, interactive and all the more a non-judgemental atmosphere for you to hone your sales skills.

Every sales team or salesman is different, with different strengths and flaws. Our standalone corporate sales training courses and sessions will:

  • Improve the communication thereby easing the sales closures
  • Sharpen a salesman’s the knack of ‘selling’
  • Help overcome the rejections/objections
  • Enable a better understanding of territory zoning
  • Help balance the individual and organizational goals
  • Nurture negotiating skills for a win-win sales closure

Our customized sales training program covers different facets of sales like:

  • Rules of attracting Prospects
  • Selling & Grooming
  • Market mapping and advanced Positional Selling
  • Objection Handling and Mental Toughness
  • Time management and Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Customer Equity
  • Excellence in Inside Sales
  • Pathway to Negotiations
  • Target Account Planning Strategies
  • Tele Sales and Social Selling
  • Closing Technique

Sales Training Formats

One day transformation session and workshop.

Whether you seek to improve net sales force effectiveness, increase revenue, or address more specific individual development needs, corporate sales training programs by Kambaa Academy is the one-size fit.