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Learning is inevitable if we are in an exemplary learning atmosphere and a classroom is a place where we start doing different things, learn from flaws, and get engaged with topics.

Educators can organize classes, distribute tasks, provide feedback, and discuss requirements in one place. Learners can learn every time something new, express their creative talents, and interact with each other inside one room.

The classroom at Kambaa is access-controlled. It provides a private learning space with a peaceful and calm setting that supports learners and educators. The classroom also has a well-equipped pantry alongside, to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. It is a perfect learning space for learners.

The classroom at Kambaa is air-conditioned and well-furnished with a projector, an interactive digital board, a whiteboard, charters, and comfortable chairs with the capacity of accommodating 25 seats. The interactive digital board eases the access of digital content, helps for self-paced or instructor-led training, and proliferate the learning process.


20*20 Room Size

400 Sq.ft

2 Flipboards

25 Seaters


Smart board


Centralized A/C


Meetings are significant for the growth of any business. It should happen in a place that brings the utmost positivity to be more productive.

The Boardroom enables people to meet in a way that satisfies their working day. In a fast-paced business ecosystem, it is very important to facilitate communication properly, make righteous decisions, and manage the relationships.

The Boardroom at Kambaa is air-conditioned and well-furnished, which has 65 inch touch panel interactive display and can accommodate 12 seats with the diligent atmosphere of conferencing. It helps business professionals in experiencing a top-class meeting.


10*20 Room Size

12 Seaters

65 inch Touch Panel Interactive Dispaly

Centralized A/C