Kambaa Academy provide expert training in development skills and techniques. Corporate Etiquette training tailored for your executives. Internationally recognized and acknowledged protocol regarding correct manners and etiquette in dining and business behavior. Corporate Etiquette is an International Etiquette followed worldwide in various corporate situations.Kambaa Academy is to offer world-class training in social and business etiquette, corporate and international protocol, good manners and dining skills.

Program and Coverage of Corporate Etiquette

  • 1. Establishing a Great First Impression
  • 2. Greetings, Introductions, The Art Of Small Talk and Conversations
  • 3. Polishing Business Manners: Handshake, gifts, visiting cards, humour, office behaviour and so on.
  • 4. Cross Cultural Etiquette to manage Diversity
  • 5. Feasting Etiquette
  • 6. Understanding the Art of Entertaining